Life on the Playa: A Guide to Burners’ Cuisine

Feed the Artists
By linking artists and theme camps to create a community based around food, this resource organization facilitates an experience of mutual nourishment and gratitude. If you’ve been working all week cutting and stacking lumber to build the Man, someone wants to feed you. The organization also hosts a refrigerator truck to release you from the burden of perishable foods.

“Chefs are pushing limits of what food is considered to be on the playa,” explained Melissa Cohen, a volunteer at Feed the Artists. “Having an opportunity to share food goes a really long way.” -Poor Taste Magazine





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    @pratty991 –

    @gary – burningman 2012 will be like no other year for anyone on playa, including Feed The Artists! This year we are planning “random acts of feeding”, this year’s feed will be spontaneous & surprising! So even though the online registration system, as of now, is active – there are still no guarantees.

    Watch out for the next Jack Rabbit Speaks to learn more about 2012 Feed The Artists!

    Thank you all for your continuous support & interest!

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