Feed The Artists 2011 Talent Show!

Burners, Steamers & Funks… step right up & witness the amazing talent of a couple of our dinner sideshow acts! Eat, drink, dance & party while we entertain your senses & massage your taste buds! Introducing… Caveat Magister & Jen Hitt! *CLAP, CLAP*


+Caveat Magister – thank you for your amazing voice & wonderful spirit… to follow #Caveat Magister talent, please read…
Join us (FTA) for more sing’a’longs this Burning Man ’12 –
recorded by: chelsealiggatt.com

+Jen Hitt – thank you for you & your transformative vocals & harmonic vibe… to follow #JenHitt talent, please visit… jenhitt.com/

Join us (FTA) for more opera & food this Burning Man ’12 –

Produced by: Chelsea Liggatt chelsealiggatt.com

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