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If you are an Art Camp looking to receive a meal during build week, please reach out to us at

Of course, we will continue to be a food resource on-playa, and our website will always contain all kinds of helpful info, like local fresh food providers in the Reno/Sparks area, but going forward we will send you our online reservations system, because we feel, in the spirit of radical self-reliance, that all of you, can now make those arrangements on your own. Plus, this will make it easier for us to spread the FtA message throughout the world to the BM Regionals and beyond!

S0 we hope to see you on the playa weaving food gifting into the sequin-covered, fire-tinged, multi-colored fabric that is Burning Man. And if you’re out on the Playa during setup week, come join us nightly as our armada of art cars prowls the Playa in search of groups to feed and friends to make!

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