The Fundraising Team

The FtA fundraising team develops and implements a broad fundraising strategy to make sure we have the funds available to achieve our goals and vision. This includes Kickstarter campaigns, personal appeals, and a lot of communication with various groups. All FtA volunteers are expected to participate in some way on the fundraising team.

So are you still interested? Yes? Then here’s a little more information:

After working hard together for several days on the playa, we tend to become a pretty close-knit group. We like to hang out together and explore the playa together when we’re finished with our work, and we love to play practical jokes on each other. Starting in 2011, we are only accepting volunteers who camp with us. FtA is not all about the artists. We care a lot about our volunteers’ experience, and hope it will be one of your more fun and meaningful times on the playa. And, at the very least, during your time with us, we know you’ll eat well!!!

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