The Erection Crew

The FtA Erection Crew is FtA’s version of the DPW. It is the group that works hard to make sure that we have a camp, and that all the systems and infrastructure necessary to support our camp are in place and working when they need to be. They are generally the first to arrive on the playa, and the last to leave, and are involved in a lot of hard work and mischief in between. Included in this team’s responsibilities, is the setup of our kitchen. The Kitchen team provides all the food for our camp and the FtA dinners that our camp will produce. Starting in 2011, these will be much smaller, more intimate dinners than we have done in the past. This is a collaborative team that works all year to plan, procure, and produce the high-quality food that is excellently and creatively prepared on time, with love and well being as the key ingredients, for us and our guests. So if you want some new perspective on the BM experience, and you like to blow things up (just kidding….sort of), then come join our Erection Crew.

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