So you think you might want to volunteer with FtA, huh?

Well, before you make your decision, here are a few things to consider…

  1. FtA requires A LOT of planning, so we’re a pretty organized group, and all of our volunteers work on FtA throughout the year in preparation for Burning Man. Early in the year, we split up into teams and sub-teams, and each of these groups develops it’s own schedule of conference calls, online meetings, etc. in order to respond to their particular set of responsibilities. We only receive a limited number of early arrival passes, which we reserve for those who have been most active in our pre-playa planning, so if you’re just looking for an on- playa, ”walk-up” volunteer opportunity, FtA is probably not for you.
  2. Also, most of our activities take place during setup week. That’s the week BEFORE Burning Man. So you have to be able to get to BM the week before the event (and be prepared to spend up to two weeks on the playa) if you volunteer with us. If you can, and you’re an active part of our team, we’ll provide you with an early arrival pass (and an incredible experience)!
  3. We play hard, but we work really, really hard! If you want to work for a couple of hours, sometimes show up, sometimes not, help when its convenient for you but leave it to others when you’ve decided to go jump on that magic carpet art car that happens to be passing by, this is NOT the volunteer opportunity for you.

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4 responses to “Volunteers”

  1. Wil Ratzan Avatar
    Wil Ratzan

    this will be my third burn, and i had the incredible experience of being fed by you guys last year. i live in SF and want to be involved in a community year round that supports the arts. i cant think of a better way to do this than join feed the artists! i can get two weeks off from work. i dont have a ticket to bm yet, but am very confident i will get one.

    1. admin Avatar

      Hey Will…

      so did you attend the burn last year? what are your plans this year?

  2. Anna Stauffer Avatar
    Anna Stauffer

    We participated in FtA in 2011, and would like to host a group for dinner again. Has the format changed? If not, are there still opportunities to host groups of artists for a dinner?


    1. admin Avatar

      Absolutely! We gift randomly now, during setup week. You are welcome to join us, or organize your own dinner.

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