Thank you so much for donating to Feed the Artists

You are truly helping us create a new paradigm at Burning Man & the World, in support of the principles of Gifting, Immediacy, Civic Responsibility, and Communal Effort, in which theme camps with early arrival status take it upon themselves to invite artists and their crews to join them in their pre-event camp dinners.

Our primary goal has always been to build this project to the point that it becomes a self-sustaining, and established part of the Burning Man tradition; much like leaving notes and mementos at the Temple is today. Our aim is to continue to increase theme camp participation to the point that, early-arrival theme camps are feeding all the funded artists at least once, and our role can become much more supportive and consultative. Planned obsolescence, so to speak.

But we can’t do this without you!!!! We are a small, geographically dispersed group, with limited fundraising capability, so your willingness to donate here and now is a real godsend to us.

To show our appreciation, anyone who donates $25-$99 will receive an official, very crass, FtA Bumper Sticker. And anyone who donates $100 or more will receive one of the much talked about, limited edition FtA medallions (while supplies last). These high-quality metal medallions were the most sought-after schwag on the Playa last year.


OR, please mail a check to:

Feed the Artists
195 Inland Ridge Way
Atlanta, GA 30342

Total donations since 2007

$2294 USD
Feed the Artist Fundraising

And Thanks again! for helping us support BM’s artists, create healthy and meaningful interactions between artists and theme camps that promote bonding, collaboration, and the sharing of resources, and elevate the role of food on the playa to an art form.