To Feed or To Be Fed…

So what is Feed The Artists going to DO this year, 2012???????

When we started (gave birth to, in fertility parlance) Feed the Artists in 2007, we said we wanted to create a program that would introduce the BM populace to the concept of “creating community through the sharing of meals,” and then back out and let the community take it from there. Over the years, FtA dinners have run the gamut from a few dust covered participants offering a meal to small groups of artists to exotic extravaganzas filled with five course meals, opera singers, and futuristic aerialists offered to hundreds of artists. Over 8000 people have been fed by over 400 theme camps during that time, so we feel we’ve been pretty successful at introducing the “Radical Collaboration” meme to the burner community. And now, we’re ready to back out and hand it over to YOU, all the citizens of BRC!

So this year, we are proposing that EVERYONE who is bringing food to the playa plan on a little random food gifting. Instead of using our online reservations system to pre-plan meals with artist groups, WE will simply be making a lot more (gourmet) food than we need for each of our dinners, and randomly gifting out the extra food on a nightly basis, and we recommend that you all plan to do the same. Of course, if you want to invite a specific group to dinner, by all means, do it. Contact them in advance and work out the details. But for everyone else, if you can simply bring 10%, or 20%, or 30% more food than you need for yourselves, and use that extra to invite strangers to dinner, or randomly gift out the food after you’ve eaten, as we’ll be doing, you’ll create some of your most cherished BM memories, and create some lifelong friends in the process. How do we know? Just ask any of the hundreds of theme camps that have participated and continue to participate in the program over the years!!!

Don’t forget, if you’re going to offer food to people outside your camp, you’ll need a health department permit, but it’s a very simple process to obtain one.

Of course we will continue to be a food resource on-playa, and our website will always contain all kinds of helpful info, like local fresh food providers in the Reno/Sparks area, but going forward we will not be offering our online or on-playa reservations systems, because we feel, in the spirit of radical self-reliance, that all of you can now make those arrangements on your own. Plus, this will make it easier for us to spread the FtA message throughout the world to the BM Regionals and beyond!

S0 we hope to see you on the playa weaving food gifting into the sequin covered, fire tinged, multi colored fabric that is Burning Man. And if you’re out on the playa during setup week, come join us nightly as our armada of art cars prowls the playa in search of groups to feed and friends to make!