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We facilitate & offer gratitude and support to the World with the simple gift of a nourishing, heartfelt meal.


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2009 Feeding

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2009 Fed The Artists

In 2009, we fed gourmet food to over 400 people, and for the first time, we did it in a much more labor-intensive format: seated, table-service dinners. And when I say gourmet, I mean GOURMET! Grilled escolar with nectarine salsa, blue lake green beans, and onion confit that was served on time and perfectly cooked, Tofu coconut milk soup with galangal and green onions that was partially prepared in front of the guests, and for which third helpings were routinely requested; and flourless chocolate cake with dark rum, dark chocolate sauce, and peach puree that was so moist it could have come from Pierre Gagnaire in Paris, were but a few of the many offerings.

Not only that, but we set a new standard in terms of entertainment with a nationally-known ‘close-up’ magician circulating around the dinners, a sky crane that lifted small groups of guests, with champagne, 70 feet in the air to enjoy an unbelievable view of BRC at dusk, live music performed by our own very accomplished harpist and violinist, Annie and Kira, and the now-famous “mystery tent,” which had to be experienced to be believed, but, suffice it to say, left every guest who visited with a huge smile on their face. And if all that wasn’t enough, lets not forget the premier bottle of wine that EVERY guest received as a parting gift!

THIS is really our raison d’etre. THIS is why we do what we do, and in 2009 we did it beyond anyone’s wildest imagination, because in addition to all the people WE fed, we organized and facilitated the feeding of an additional 650+ artists by over 35 Theme Camps who stepped up and invited artists to dinners held simultaneous to our own.

That means that in 2009, FtA was responsible for the offering of well over 1000 meals to BRC’s artists, during setup week!!!!! 1000 meals!!!!

2009 Feed The Artists